6 Best Things to Do with Kids in Monrovia, California

For a fun day out, there are plenty of activities in Monrovia, California, especially for the kids.

Recreation Park Skatepark, Julian Fisher Park, Monrovia Falls, and the Monrovia Historical Museum are some popular places to visit.

Let’s dive right in.

Recreation Park Skatepark

The Recreation Park Skatepark in Monrovian is a well-kept, well-lit, and graffiti-free area with good vert ramps and rails.

It is very popular among local young skaters. There is a parking lot at the front of the skatepark.

The skatepark is very large and is divided into two sections. There are three ramps, one with a drop of over 4 feet and two berms in the middle.

The park also features a rail, rails, and a couple of sheer four-foot drops. The rest of the park has plenty of other options as well.

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Julian Fisher Park

The park is 1.2 acres in size and is a great place to get some fresh air. There is a playground and basketball court and a pathway to walk or run.

There are restrooms in the park and padded flooring in the play area. The park has been around for years and is located near Monrovia’s center.

It has a great playground for children, including a dome-shaped apparatus that is a fun place for little ones to play. There are swings for big and small kids, as well as basketball courts and a pergola.

In addition to the playground, the park has basketball courts, a tennis court, and picnic areas.

The park is a hidden gem and is perfect for families to visit.

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Monrovia Historical Museum

This museum was formerly a municipal swimming pool. Today, it houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits about the history of Monrovia, California.

Exhibits include period costumes, artifacts from the city’s founding fathers, and natural history displays. The museum is free to visit, and the entire family can enjoy it together.

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Grand Avenue Park

In the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains is a beautiful waterfall known as Monrovia Falls.

This two-tiered waterfall once measured thirty feet high and is easily accessible when you walk through the park’s nature trails. During warmer months, you can walk through the park’s trail system and catch a glimpse of the waterfall.

In the summertime, you can swim in the nearby pond or take a picnic lunch in the park’s garden.

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Big Santa Anita Canyon

For families, one of the best things to do in Monrovia is hike the canyon.

The canyon is a scenic landmark in the watershed of Big Santa Anita Creek and is a National Natural Landmark. A 70-acre swimming lake and hiking trails are just a few reasons to visit this popular spot.

In addition to hiking, you can watch birds and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Chantry Flat to Sturtevant Falls hike is great for the morning, or for more of a challenge, try the Big Santa Anita Loop. This trail offers beautiful river views, as well as a variety of man-made waterfalls, abundant greenery, and amazing vistas. If you’re visiting with kids, the trails are perfect for all ages.

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Angeles National Forest

Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, this park offers year-round waterfalls, restrooms, and friendly naturalists. It is closed on Tuesdays but is well worth the drive.

You can even take the kids to a wildlife sanctuary, complete with monkeys!

Besides the Angeles National Forest, Monrovia also has many other family-friendly activities. Enjoy!

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